Vespen- The Rising Mist

A Smoldering City

Mearic was busy dealing with the repairs and discipline of the crew over the small fire that happened aboard the dreadnaught. Cleaning up the mess, making repairs and figuring out how a fire was started in the first place was obliviously going to take some time it was a small fire and not much was damaged, but one cannot be too careful.

Tyranell looked to the smoldering city in the distance and had a short but powerful vision of corruption coming from the town and without hesitating she called to what allies would listen and started toward the village. Velrath was the first to follow, quick and ready for what layed ahead.

Marvin thinking that he could accomplish his Teachers task for him while he was dealing with the crew, also followed as traveling in to a smoldering city did not seem like a task one should do alone.

Toram almost did not wake in time to catch the small party as they left the camp as he as sleeping deeply for he was weary from the battle before. Although late his trusty mule Jack gait was more of a trot then a walk today and they easily caught up to the small party.

The city was in ruins. Most of the city was damaged on fire or destroyed, many bodies dead and undead where spread threw the streets and as the party approached the main city center battle was still ensuing. The malfunctioning teleporter caught Marvins eye and painful nap after painful nap ensued. After a quick slaughter or the remaining ‘Threats’ the party made a small camp. After some quick thinking from the party they managed to save Marvin twice threw out the night.

After resting the party Smashed threw the invading guards left behind to guard the temple entrance. Jack as inquisitive as he was even poked his nose about luckly for the party bumping the alter reveling a secret set of stairs.

After battling undead and a activating and defeting a giant magical construct the party bunkered down and let Tyranell mend their wounds.

Entering the final chamber a deadly illusionary trap was sprung. Toram was traped in some sort of second race device and had to be resuced by the party. luckly after randomly hitting every button aviliable to them they after some time where able to get the device to spit him back out.
What the devise was and what happened to Toram is still unknown.

Little was left behind in this room as it looked like who ever had been here had taken what they wanted and had left, altough a small bit of paper was found near the mirror trap. At first glance it looks like someones attempt to figure out the buttons on the pannel. (this piece of paper will be provided to you at the start of next game. some may not of heard me mention it as it was being described as the mirror was being broken. I am assuming you picked it up with the magical loot)

As the party made their way out of the ruins the dead lords servant was waiting. He thanked them from clearing the town of their destroyers and told them that they where welcome any time. (I kinda forgot to really say this or i cant remeber mentioning it)

magical loot as i can remeber

Cloak of chrasmia (tryn)

Plate mail of command/masterwork platemail of movement (tryn)

Razor gaunlets (toram)

Orb of storms (Velrath)

Carved owl of wisdom (tryn)

Skull mask (marvin)

Dark armor-med (velrath)

Dark sword-long (velrath)

xp to be determined….

if you are 4th level you get 5200
if you are 5th level you get 4750


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