Vespen- The Rising Mist

Sails set and Ruins explored

Mearic at the command of Rolath The Seer found the new student Marvin and set out to explore some of the Second Races ruins and see if they could uncover anything new or interesting. Traveling to the city Mearic claimed ownership of Warship that he had underhandedly acquired a Title too, who or what this will cost him seems unrelieved yet the price owed to these dark benefactors is indeed deep. After a quick hiring of a crew and a hasty loading of supplys they set out. They made their way to their destination seeing some strange sights along they way. Upon docking they hired a carriage from Rorikstad threw Arkot and in to the City of Stairs more commonly known as Tinker Town but upon their way the path was blocked from a mud slide. They met a stubborn man who at first refused to give his name but eventually followed and became a part of this small group. After traveling thew the night the weary travelers rested in an overpriced Inn. Upon refreshing the group headed for the mountains. Mearic being from this village did not stop to visit his family or past friends, but his experience let them easily to what they were searching for. An unexplored ruin of what looked to be of the elder races. The small ruins contained a few surprises and a few bits of loot but something dark was taken with them when they left. After taking some notes and gathering what loot looked valuable the party returned to the ship that awaited them.

1750 xp was earned by the explorers Mearic, Marvin and Toram.

350 gold was split.
A magic cloak was found.
a magic circlet was found.
a magic dagger was found.
A Dark Force was found.


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