Vespen- The Rising Mist

Arivival to the Iron Lands

A priestess Tyrnell had a vision from her god that a great corruption was spreading across Vespen and that she was blessed with the ability to help. With only a hazy recollection of the dream and the places and people in it she asked the temple for permission to leave on her Divine Mission, which they approved and she set out in to the world Faith bolstered by a Divine cause.

An old Elf could sense the coming corruption as well. He was too old to go on a grand adventure like in his youth but not long ago he had saved a young human and taught him how to defend himself in martial arts mixing weapon combat and magic. He knew the symbols on his arm where old and powerful something from the creator race. This has to have some part in the salvation of the land in his mind. With this logic he sent away this young man in hopes that he will use the skills he has taught him to find the wisdom of the ancients. Giving him a sealed letter he sends Velrath out of the forest and to the Temple of the Ten gods, where he hopes Velrath his student will find the answers he seeks.

Velrath having been within the forest for so many years makes his way threw the cliff lined valley and out in to the plains of crescent valley seeing the grand city of Wellington for the first time. Making his way threw the small villages heading toward Wellington he stops looking for some work. Not finding what he wants he ventures further into the city. Knowing he is going to need some money to fund his search he try’s to find work in this vast city. While looking around he finds an attractive female standing on the docks with a cart full of adventuring supplies. After a small dispute over payment Velrath decides to join this woman.

Tyranell and Velrath, board a ferry to the Tower of Athens as Tyranell thinks a ship from her vision will arrive there and take them on their journey. While enjoying the ride some unruly thugs made a bad decision on trying to pick a fight, ending badly for them. The ferry arrived at the Tower. Velrath investigated the marks on his arms and met with a High mage to try and get some answers although there was little to learn.

The Dreadnought and it small crew arrived back to the Tower of Athens, shortly after the ferry. Mearic and his adviser quickly went back to the tower to discussed what they was found at the ruins. Impressed with his work the High mage gave Mearic some new orders. Mearic excitedly went back to the ship readying the crew and checking over the cannons. Tyranell and Velrath introduced themselves and little objection was given when these two joined the crew.

Having some time to get to know each other the party stops in Ralden to gather more supplies and to hire a Sea Captain and some addition Crew. After a little searching they find a man willing to do the job and with little delay Captain Longshill gathers some men to fill the missing crew slots and checks over the ship to make sure everything is ship shape for their voyage.

After some time sailing they see Two large dark ships on the horizon heading away from what looks like a smoldering Iron Isles

The party stops on the mainland to investigate, searching a cave and killing some sea crocks. Finding a small bit of loot they decide to rest and recover before venturing forth.

Captain Longshill seeing them set up camp threw is telescope moves the ship a bit closer and send a few of then men to shore to help set up a camp. With the boat just off the beach and the camp set up the party rests and recovers. While others inspects their goods and their wounds.

1- magic ring
1- magic longsword
1- magic shield

small amount of coins

xp- The xp is different for some people as they are lower or higher level.

Marvin 2500
Mearic 2812
Toram 2500
Tyranell 2500
Velrath 2812


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