Vespen- The Rising Mist

Sails set and Ruins explored

Mearic at the command of Rolath The Seer found the new student Marvin and set out to explore some of the Second Races ruins and see if they could uncover anything new or interesting. Traveling to the city Mearic claimed ownership of Warship that he had underhandedly acquired a Title too, who or what this will cost him seems unrelieved yet the price owed to these dark benefactors is indeed deep. After a quick hiring of a crew and a hasty loading of supplys they set out. They made their way to their destination seeing some strange sights along they way. Upon docking they hired a carriage from Rorikstad threw Arkot and in to the City of Stairs more commonly known as Tinker Town but upon their way the path was blocked from a mud slide. They met a stubborn man who at first refused to give his name but eventually followed and became a part of this small group. After traveling thew the night the weary travelers rested in an overpriced Inn. Upon refreshing the group headed for the mountains. Mearic being from this village did not stop to visit his family or past friends, but his experience let them easily to what they were searching for. An unexplored ruin of what looked to be of the elder races. The small ruins contained a few surprises and a few bits of loot but something dark was taken with them when they left. After taking some notes and gathering what loot looked valuable the party returned to the ship that awaited them.

1750 xp was earned by the explorers Mearic, Marvin and Toram.

350 gold was split.
A magic cloak was found.
a magic circlet was found.
a magic dagger was found.
A Dark Force was found.

Arivival to the Iron Lands

A priestess Tyrnell had a vision from her god that a great corruption was spreading across Vespen and that she was blessed with the ability to help. With only a hazy recollection of the dream and the places and people in it she asked the temple for permission to leave on her Divine Mission, which they approved and she set out in to the world Faith bolstered by a Divine cause.

An old Elf could sense the coming corruption as well. He was too old to go on a grand adventure like in his youth but not long ago he had saved a young human and taught him how to defend himself in martial arts mixing weapon combat and magic. He knew the symbols on his arm where old and powerful something from the creator race. This has to have some part in the salvation of the land in his mind. With this logic he sent away this young man in hopes that he will use the skills he has taught him to find the wisdom of the ancients. Giving him a sealed letter he sends Velrath out of the forest and to the Temple of the Ten gods, where he hopes Velrath his student will find the answers he seeks.

Velrath having been within the forest for so many years makes his way threw the cliff lined valley and out in to the plains of crescent valley seeing the grand city of Wellington for the first time. Making his way threw the small villages heading toward Wellington he stops looking for some work. Not finding what he wants he ventures further into the city. Knowing he is going to need some money to fund his search he try’s to find work in this vast city. While looking around he finds an attractive female standing on the docks with a cart full of adventuring supplies. After a small dispute over payment Velrath decides to join this woman.

Tyranell and Velrath, board a ferry to the Tower of Athens as Tyranell thinks a ship from her vision will arrive there and take them on their journey. While enjoying the ride some unruly thugs made a bad decision on trying to pick a fight, ending badly for them. The ferry arrived at the Tower. Velrath investigated the marks on his arms and met with a High mage to try and get some answers although there was little to learn.

The Dreadnought and it small crew arrived back to the Tower of Athens, shortly after the ferry. Mearic and his adviser quickly went back to the tower to discussed what they was found at the ruins. Impressed with his work the High mage gave Mearic some new orders. Mearic excitedly went back to the ship readying the crew and checking over the cannons. Tyranell and Velrath introduced themselves and little objection was given when these two joined the crew.

Having some time to get to know each other the party stops in Ralden to gather more supplies and to hire a Sea Captain and some addition Crew. After a little searching they find a man willing to do the job and with little delay Captain Longshill gathers some men to fill the missing crew slots and checks over the ship to make sure everything is ship shape for their voyage.

After some time sailing they see Two large dark ships on the horizon heading away from what looks like a smoldering Iron Isles

The party stops on the mainland to investigate, searching a cave and killing some sea crocks. Finding a small bit of loot they decide to rest and recover before venturing forth.

Captain Longshill seeing them set up camp threw is telescope moves the ship a bit closer and send a few of then men to shore to help set up a camp. With the boat just off the beach and the camp set up the party rests and recovers. While others inspects their goods and their wounds.

1- magic ring
1- magic longsword
1- magic shield

small amount of coins

xp- The xp is different for some people as they are lower or higher level.

Marvin 2500
Mearic 2812
Toram 2500
Tyranell 2500
Velrath 2812

A Smoldering City

Mearic was busy dealing with the repairs and discipline of the crew over the small fire that happened aboard the dreadnaught. Cleaning up the mess, making repairs and figuring out how a fire was started in the first place was obliviously going to take some time it was a small fire and not much was damaged, but one cannot be too careful.

Tyranell looked to the smoldering city in the distance and had a short but powerful vision of corruption coming from the town and without hesitating she called to what allies would listen and started toward the village. Velrath was the first to follow, quick and ready for what layed ahead.

Marvin thinking that he could accomplish his Teachers task for him while he was dealing with the crew, also followed as traveling in to a smoldering city did not seem like a task one should do alone.

Toram almost did not wake in time to catch the small party as they left the camp as he as sleeping deeply for he was weary from the battle before. Although late his trusty mule Jack gait was more of a trot then a walk today and they easily caught up to the small party.

The city was in ruins. Most of the city was damaged on fire or destroyed, many bodies dead and undead where spread threw the streets and as the party approached the main city center battle was still ensuing. The malfunctioning teleporter caught Marvins eye and painful nap after painful nap ensued. After a quick slaughter or the remaining ‘Threats’ the party made a small camp. After some quick thinking from the party they managed to save Marvin twice threw out the night.

After resting the party Smashed threw the invading guards left behind to guard the temple entrance. Jack as inquisitive as he was even poked his nose about luckly for the party bumping the alter reveling a secret set of stairs.

After battling undead and a activating and defeting a giant magical construct the party bunkered down and let Tyranell mend their wounds.

Entering the final chamber a deadly illusionary trap was sprung. Toram was traped in some sort of second race device and had to be resuced by the party. luckly after randomly hitting every button aviliable to them they after some time where able to get the device to spit him back out.
What the devise was and what happened to Toram is still unknown.

Little was left behind in this room as it looked like who ever had been here had taken what they wanted and had left, altough a small bit of paper was found near the mirror trap. At first glance it looks like someones attempt to figure out the buttons on the pannel. (this piece of paper will be provided to you at the start of next game. some may not of heard me mention it as it was being described as the mirror was being broken. I am assuming you picked it up with the magical loot)

As the party made their way out of the ruins the dead lords servant was waiting. He thanked them from clearing the town of their destroyers and told them that they where welcome any time. (I kinda forgot to really say this or i cant remeber mentioning it)

magical loot as i can remeber

Cloak of chrasmia (tryn)

Plate mail of command/masterwork platemail of movement (tryn)

Razor gaunlets (toram)

Orb of storms (Velrath)

Carved owl of wisdom (tryn)

Skull mask (marvin)

Dark armor-med (velrath)

Dark sword-long (velrath)

xp to be determined….

if you are 4th level you get 5200
if you are 5th level you get 4750

A Tower No More

In this post I will try and cover what happened to Mearic behind the scenes. As well as describe the happenings of last weeks game.

It was the ides of spring (the middle day of the month/season) and Mearic was nervous. The organization that ‘gave’ him his ship has a long dark reputation. An even darker reputation if you owned them money. Maybe they wouldn’t find him? Maybe his position in the Tower of Athens would protect him? Maybe they would come later? All these questions and more ran thew Mearics mind as he watched the party make their way to the town. He nervously waited in his captain quarters. His wait was not long, within a few hours the contact appeared.

Gilgamesh was working the crew as usual making sure the camp was kept in order. He smelled ozone and felt a tingle of magic as a few feet away a woman magically appeared. She looked middle aged with natural white hair and green eyes. She payed him no mind and made her way towards the captains quarters.

“uh lady, where do you think you are going? that’s the Capt…..” Gilgamesh was cut off as she turned and looked at him. Her green eyes piercing him he felt his throat tighten. Gilgamesh’s hand went for his weapon but as he stepped forward drawing it he was surrounded by color, he tried to step thew but was overcome by pain and agony.

‘Fool’ was all the said as she turned and walked to the captains chambers. With but a motion of her hand the door opened. She walked inside and the door closed behind her being sealed by a magical light. Gilgamesh meanwhile was surrounded in a burning magical sphere silenced, a few of the crew tried to help but only got scared or injured themselves, but after a short time the bubble and then the ward over the door dissipated and the woman was gone. Mearic told the crew that it was ‘alright’ and that the visitor was gone and that they should repair the ship. Gilgamesh was not to badly hurt except for his pride.

When the party returned to the ship they set off back to the Tower of Athens. Identifying the items they found and resting from their battles the few days at sea are calm.

As they make there way to the crescent harbor the party can tell there is something wrong. Black smoke is coming from the capitol. The Dark Warships are attacking Wellington.

Mearic has the ship stop at the Tower of Athens telling the others that he must go and find out what is going on. As fast as he can Mearic makes his way to the wizards tower.

Tryanell whos mother is in the city cannot wait she makes her way to a small boat almost rowing away before Velrath can finish getting in. It is an absurd distance to row but in her paniced state of mind Tryanell can only think of getting to the temple.

Marvin had a vision while on the seas but only now did it make sence he thinks he needs to protect his dark relic held by the tower in the vault his vision was of it being destroyed. With little idea of how to get to it he makes is way to the tower.

Toram decides to follow Marvin after he checks on Jack to make sure he is ok with staying on the boat a little longer.

Inside the Tower

Mearic was in a panic the city was being attacked and here he was sneaking threw the mages tower his second home. It was mostly empty, most of the other mages where helping in defense of the city and the guards that normally guard the west wing where luckily no where in sight. The door sat unguarded. With little hesitation Mearic opened the door, a slight tearing sound was made was the paper seal on the inner side of the door was ripped. Mearic flinched expecting an explosion or some other nasty trap he was surprised when nothing happened. He saw now what he had been sent to do. A door like any other he had ever seen was before him now. More lock then door any rogue would undoubtedly find it impossible to crack. Protected by many magical wards glowing in spinning in sequence. Mearic pulled forth and unwrapped the device given to him, he was given simple instructions but looking at this door it made him doubt what effect this little device would have. He did not think too long about it as he lightly tossed the device toward the door. Like a strong magnet once it was close to the door it stuck to its surface. Following the only instructions he had left he ran. As fast as he could he ran down the stairs and out the tower. All the way to the ship he ran, only to find that all the others had already left. He could only hope that none of them had went in to the tower.

Marvin and Toram entered the tower it was quit inside the regular hustle and bustle of this place was nowhere to be heard. Marvin in a rush immediately went to the stairs down to the lower levels where he knew his book to be held. Toram did not gander as he was unfamiliar with this tower and sensed the expeditious pace in which Marvin took.

unseen events

~The device steadily worked away at the many magical wards, slowly at first but once their was a crack the force from the other side began to come threw the barrier. The built pressure had been building like steam for many weeks as the two beings trapped in this cell had contested each others wills but with this help from the other side the containment, of both of their wills manifesting, could no longer last. With a great explosive force one was ejected from his cell, and then a great vacuum formed in the space his mind had once filled. The tower could not handle this great magical force. A great detonation followed by a great implosion the great tower of magic was demolished.

He had been waiting and planing, preparing for this very moment. He knew the vault below held his possessions many of which where useful, more useful to his enemies as well. Many of his items had been marked making arriving at the vaults outer chamber easy to scry and before even Marvin could arrive he had teleported to the vaults entrance and destroyed the wards which protected its contents.~

As Marvin and Toram made their way down many levels they heard and felt the great blast they hurried they pace and they arrived at the lower vault, the door open already and the wards removed. A man waited for them it seemed as they entered his eyes showed surprise as if he expected some other outcome, yet he did not hesitate. With a single motion he triggered a basic sand timer protected by a magical barrier, and disappeared. The only thing remaining where he stood where a pair of boots.

will finish later


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