coming soon… this is only a rough draft sorry for errors or even some inconsistency as these have been collected from many years of thoughts and need some retouching to make it a smooth timeline. while some have notations are linked to Pc games some era’s had multiple games per historical period.


The creation
The creation of the planet and its working systems

The time of the ancients/The Frist race
The ancients prepared the land and the settings of the inner working of their creations preparing for the arrival of the inhabitance.

A time of doorways
A time when many doorways to other realms where opened trapping those who passed through on this plane for the rest of their existence.

The fading of the creators
After the creator’s job was done they exited this realm back to their home world. After leaving their leader made a deal with the lady of pain to make sure no one but the creators escaped the newly created world.
The closing of the doors
After the creators left the magic of the doorways faded. Leaving all but a few doors which could draw power closed forever.

The war of the dawn
This new land with many exotic people and animals was a place of many disturbances and wars until the creation of kingdoms and purging of the land of light. The gods of a new dawn had emerged and from this society was created and is still governed to this day.

The war of the second Race
Not much is known about the second race where they came from or how they had so much knowledge. Their power threatened all the races of the globe as they we steadly winning. Only when the councle of 10 decided to summon the Creators an anchent and now unknown ritutal. They told the many races that they would interfear but the cost would be high. Having to give up his unborn son to save his people Tenaskis followed threw killing his own son, saving the people from the Second Race who seeminly vanished. But all where not happy, their was a great split of faith and the great war between lovers was born, for a time their battle raged only on the mortal plane of vespen but upon their shared demise the battle contiuned. Their warriors and followers still beleaving in them manifested the first pathos generated deitiys, but many of the old councle had followers and belevers and followed in the path of the two waring partys.

Time of Two Suns
This battle still rages in the heart of the sun, even the godly realm could not handle the intensity and the battle was taken to and divided the sun in to two halfs, and the belifes of the mortals below seperated the world in to many parts but for the first time some found their way to the dark side, thus the two sided world of vespen was born.

The gathering of the pieces- first pc game
Many, years later the gathering of the great artifacts began to summon the great gods of the dawn of war. This quest ultimately failed yet the switch holding a great undead evil was opened allowing these fiends to wander the lands. Many of the single temples and divine artifacts come from this chaotic time.

The Dark Isles- Pc game
An era of new gods and new magic arose in the depths of the dark waste land. Great powerful struggles where waged in vain. The new gods emerged victorious and claimed a seat of power.

A war of Gods -pc game
For a time the god’s war’s raged within the hellfire of the sun itself yet these new gods took the battle to another battle ground draining half of the suns energy sealing away its warmth and it’s light. While this took place Shenell also saw the fate that awaited her and decided to cast the magic’s they sought in to the lands of the material world below safeguarding them for a time form the newly emerged gods. Thus materia was given life and left to the power to their wielder.

The Years of Twins-pc game
A new battle has emerged between the two partners who won in the last war and there conquest knows no bounds and they attempt to destroy all of the light in this world. The Battle has been moved back to its proper arena and is refueling the sun and the system, although tainted the cycle and the system adapt.

The Rising Mist-pc game
Strange new events are taking place many are dreaming vividly and haven even reported injury, the dead seem to move on their own and some reports say even rising without the aid of sorcery. While the events have been minor thus far and have accounted to little more then rumor something foul is brewing.


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