This is where you will find important information about the gaming session you may be a part of. Dates times and specific info will from time to time be posted here for you reference. Otherwise feel free to check out the wiki/forums/Calender for other in game information.

Next Session- to be determined. If you have an upcomming event or weekend activity please let me know so that i can plan around it. I have not heard back from bk about when he would be avaliable next. If everyone can make the 19 th or 20 th, that would be awesome but I understand if you cannont attend.

Map Updated- but it still does not look good in there Google viewer so just look at the original image to be able to read it.

Vespen- The Rising Mist

Zquestion Dark path 970882 Toram SpiffyMcNasty PnuE velrath Marvin